A place for youth to share their thoughts of the past, present and dreams for the future.

A Youth's Novel Mission

The mission of “A Youth’s Novel” is just as important as all the other Novel products. Everything we do is centered around healing, being heard, and discovery. Our young people are the future of this World. It has always been a difficult transition through the different stages of maturing into adulthood. Adults are so busy sometimes with our ever changing lives, that we forget to ask our children how they’re coping with life’s trials.

It’s never been harder in human history to deal with the trials of growing up. Developed country freedoms do not necessarily mean free & peaceful mines. Our young people are bombarded witha tremendous number of images, information, content, and harm at 5k speed with the internet at their fingertips daily. The effects of all this additional stimuli are not even known yet. The measures needed to evaluate it would likely be outdated upon introduction. Not only is it tough to be a child, adolescent, and teenager today, it can be deadly! Previous generations never had to worry about the mental stresses of a World Pandemic, gun violence, school shootings, parental alienation, drug usage, terrorism, cyber bullying, and non-binding gender assignments to name a few. Our youth are hurting in unimaginable ways and most of them do it in silence.

Suicides have skyrocketed in America amongst all racial groups. Suicides among these youth are climbing to alarming levels within all economic groups in the United States. These suicides rates are even higher in single parent lead households. At this time in America 46% of White American children are being raised in single parent households, while that number jumps to a staggering 71% in Black American children. Those numbers are expected to climb when the “Baby Boomer” generation begins to pass away. 50% of Americans are now single and “The American family” is dying quickly.

WE have failed to think of our children’s futures with the decisions we’ve made solely on OUR societal ideologies, and not our children’s fundamental psychological & emotional needs. A Youth’s Novel is designed to let young people download their stress, depression, anger, and insecurities without judgement. Since the Family courts want to manage family interaction, theyhave failed to evaluate the mental health issues that will arise in these children. We also want to give you the opportunity to communicate with outlets who can listen, care, and find the help youthey need. There are innovative methods that we have initiated to assist in achieving all of this in a safe space. We believe that the product we have put together will amaze and serve you well. Now, “IT’S TIME FOR THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND YOU.”