A place for fathers to share their thoughts of the past, present, and dreams for the future.


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Joehonny's Daughter

Joehonny's father

Joehonny's Father

Why I Created A Father's Novel

"I have always thought that my personal thoughts as a father were something I want my children to know. I simply felt I lost touch with my kids. After talking with many of my dad’s friends, many said there are misunderstandings in their family, that they haven’t been with their kids, or simply haven’t had the chance to express their thoughts directly with their children. Some even told me they feel strongly that the air had to be cleared. They said they would like to have a place to express themselves. Now there is A Father’s Novel."
— Joehonny Nigel Reese


I’m tremendously proud to support my friend, Brother-In-Christ, and mentor as he embarks upon his calling with A Father’s Novel. I have witnessed Joehonny fight relentlessly to overcome various challenges associated with depression, while also undertaking the arduous task of successfully repairing a fractured relationship with his own daughter. There’s no one more qualified to positively impact families than Joehonny Reese.”

— Marcus Sherman, Law Enforcement Officer & Friend

A Father's Novel Mission

The Mission of “A FATHER’S NOVEL” is a very important one. There has never been a resource like this one made available in our human existence. There has been a very alarming rise in divorce and an increase in single parent households around the world. These issues are very prevalent in many developed countries like the United States, Great Britain, France, and Australia. In most of these single parent households there is no father present. The financial burden leveed on a man due to a failed relationship by a court can be a devastating blow to the individual. The family court laws and guidelines then set out for these men to follow to see their children in these countries can be truly draconian at best. Many suspect or conclude that this might be behind the spike in suicides, substance abuse, crime, and depression in men of all ages in these countries.

Every research study ever done on family structure have shown that boys & girls have better outcomes in every aspect of their lives, when a loving father is present. Many of the children of these men can grow up feeling unwanted and neglected by their fathers. They have absolutely no idea of the struggles and sacrifices their dads made for them or the pain of not seeing them. Fathers who found themselves in these precarious situations have felt helpless, depressed, angry,and alone. They had dreams, thoughts, prayers, knowledge, and wisdom for their children that would end up accompanying them to the grave. Essentially, these things would become earth’s greatest buried treasures… Until now.

We have embarked on this twofold global effort to assist mankind. Our first goal consists of helping children of all ages to know their fathers of all ages, no matter where they are, and no matter how difficult the situation may be. Our second crucial goal is to help the fathers of the world share and pass on cultural and time-honored family traditions to loved ones who may not even be born yet. Every father’s traveled path through life’s trials, tribulation, and triumphs are worthy of knowing by his offspring. We are dedicated to continuing, maintaining, and even generating relationships between fathers, their children, and beyond. There are innovative methods that we have initiated to assist in achieving all of this in a safe space. We believe that the product we have put together will amaze and serve you well. Now, “IT’S TIME FOR OUR CHILDREN TO DISCOVER YOU!”