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A Mommie's Novel Mission

The Mission of “A MOMMIES NOVEL” is a very special one. There are many children around the world that do not know their mothers. The morals and standards that these women lived bycan end up being buried with them if the information is not shared. The reasons for this are far too numerous to mention in this introduction. This is occurring in every country around the world every day. In some of these examples the mother is no longer present psychologically and occasionally physically as well. Due to a multitude of circumstances, these absences can be caused by both internal and external traumas that I have seen firsthand. Many suspect or conclude that this might be behind the increase in suicides, drug dependency, and depression amongst mothers of all ages around the globe. There seems to be no evidence currently that this trend will reverse or even slowdown in this modern era.

Mothers have always been looked to and called upon for their nurturing, compassionate, and cooperative fundamentals. Studies have shown that these traits are critical for their children to grasp in the early stages of behavioral development. Children that do not know both of their birth parents can grow up feeling unwanted and possibly that part of them is not complete. These memoirs of mothers can now be told, shared, and passed on to present day children as well as future generations. Saving lost family traditions and the spoken travels of these women is essential and now achievable.

We have embarked on a global effort to assist all mankind by installing hope for better. Our first goal consists of helping children of all ages to know their mothers. We want to build this product to help you find them, if possible, no matter where they are, and no matter how difficult the situation may be. Our second crucial goal is to help mothers share thoughts and personal messages with everyone that their very lives will bring into existence. Every woman’s life is a story that their families should know. We are dedicated to continuing, maintaining, and even generating relationships between mothers, their children, and beyond. There are innovative methods that we have initiated to assist in achieving these goals all in a safe space. We believe that the product we have put together will both amaze and serve you well. Now, “IT’S TIME FOR OUR CHILDREN TO DISCOVER YOU.”