We are dedicated to providing a way to create, build, & maintain healthy family ties

“I thank my father and want everyone reading this to know it’s never too late to build bridges within your family.”

— Joehonny Reese, Founder of Nigel-Lee Werkz

Family traditions are disappearing

Today, time honored family traditions that have taken centuries to create are disappearing. Family closeness, once a staple in America, has been replaced with an alarming rise in the rate of divorces, suicides, single parent households…and distance between families.
Family in the 1970s biking together

Our Goal: A healthy, loving family as our Creator ordained.

A healthy and loving family is the quintessential essence of life, a plan given by our Creator. As such, we are all born and designed with a built-in desire for connection and legacy. Nigel-LeeWerkz was formed for a reason…to help build strong families, a task that takes a great deal of effort, dedication and selflessness. In most spiritual writing, this is known as being “equally yoked.”
Family gathered around dinner table

A Fathers Novel is here for you. A connection to healing.

Nigel-Lee Werkz created this easy way for fathers and their children to connect and heal. A father is able to share his thoughts of the past, present and hopes for the future. All accessible for generations to come.
Father embracing his young son while he sleeps
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For those in crisis, connect now to a trained professional

At Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, we are proud to be part of Joehonny’s team, and to offer our help to families impacted by suicide. Five people die by suicide every day, one youth every 33 hours will take their own life.

If you or someone your know is in crisis text “4HOPE” to 741-741 to be connected to atrained professional. It’s ok to ask for help.