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A Family's Novel Mission

The Mission of “A FAMILY'S NOVEL” is a very important one. There has never been a resource like this one made available to the people of the world in our human existence. At Nigel-Lee Werkz we want to provide a way for you to create, build, maintain, or even restore healthy family ties. Time honored traditions that took centuries to create, are now disappearing daily in this modern era. There has been a very alarming rise in the rate of divorce and an increasing rise in single parent households around the world.

A healthy and loving family is the quintessential essence of life that our Creator ordained. Two people coming together under duty, love, honor, & respect to bring others into existence is aphenomenal act. Most humans are born and designed with a built in desire for connection and legacy upon birth. Building a strong family takes a great level of time, effort, dedication, and selflessness from everyone involved in one. The architects who come together to build this masterpiece must be whole. This means being understanding, cooperative, and reciprocal to one another always. Potential parents must be on board with working together for the greater good of the family. In most spiritual writings this is called and known as being “equally yoked.”

In most developed countries, the “Traditional Family” is dying and being replaced by new concepts. These new concepts are driven more by societal practicalities and convenience, than spiritual principles and longevity. Single parent households are at new historical highs in these developed countries and rising. This phenomena started in 1965 in the United States after the “Great Society” initiative was introduced. While this initiative was formed to improve the social economic, educational, and living conditions to name a few, the long-term effect was not yet known. We are now seeing that the effects of this social reconstruction, are not showing or producing fruitful lasting unions within America’s shores. The American family unit has never been weaker or more fractured in its history. Strong families make for Strong community, Strong communities make for a Strong city, and Strong cities make for a Strong Nation.

Humanity must get back to understanding, cooperating, and loving each other as the Creator intended. No one person is perfect, so we must strive each day to be better than we were yesterday. We will always fail if we live, think, and move as individuals in a world of uncertainty. Nigel Lee Werkz would like to assist the people of this planet on a global paradigm shift towards togetherness. There are innovative methods that we have initiated to assist in achieving all of this in a safe space. We believe that the product we have put together will amaze and serve you well. Now, “IT’S TIME FOR OUR FAMILIES TO COME TOGETHER AND BUILD A BETTER WORLD FOR GENERATIONS TO COME!”